We are committed to being great stewards of our community’s health and well-being, and we’re taking purposeful measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other contagious illnesses. In For Our Health learn more about CrossFunction’s safe office solutions for a new era.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your happiness and health are our top priority.
At CrossFunction, we take your health and happiness seriously. In partnership with our janitorial company, we strive to provide an environment that is clean, comfortable and enjoyable. Our faucets, soap and sanitizer dispensers are sensor activated. In conference rooms and throughout the space you’ll find plenty of plants, natural light, and nice music. Conference rooms and meeting rooms are wiped down after each meeting. Cups are disposable. Air is filtered. And, we’re here to fulfill any additional requirements you may have. Just let us know.

  • a) A small Open House celebration was held September 25-26, 2020, however our official GRAND OPENING has been postponed indefinitely. It will be rescheduled as soon as Chicago has navigated the Covid-19 pandemic and can truly celebrate.
  • a) (Resident) Office and Shop memberships are licensed on a 1-year minimum term with flexibility to terminate with 90-days notice after 12 months.
  • b) (Resident) Gallery memberships are licensed on a 1-year term with flexibility to terminate with 30-days notice after the first 3 months. Daily options available based on capacity.
  • c) (Community) Virtual Office memberships are licensed on 1-year terms with flexibility to terminate with 30-days notice after the first 12 months.
  • d) (Community) Social memberships are currently not being offered due to Covid-19.
  • a) Offices and shops include desks and chairs. We have additional selections available for those interested.
  • b) If you prefer, you may bring your own furnishings and design the way you like, after all, it is your office!
  • a) Wi-Fi is free and ultrafast. Direct line internet is available in all resident offices.
  • b) Phones and phone lines are available for resident office members upon request. Additional Fees apply.
  • c) We can help coordinate private server space if you so desire. Additional Fees apply.
  • a) Conference rooms and huddles are scheduled through our member portal and are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • b) Resident members have unlimited use of conference room space.
  • c) Community members have five or ten hours of conference room space per month.
  • a) All members enjoy access to CrossFunction’s Membership Directory, programing events, communal spaces, event spaces, meeting rooms, member perks, food and beverage offerings, printing, WI-FI and access to network locations as they become available.
  • a) You’ll find a multi-function copier/scanner/printer for your use on each floor.
  • b) As a member, you’ll get unlimited black & white copies and 10 color prints per month; additional copies are billed monthly.
  • c) Personal office printers, packing, shipping and binding services are also available. Additional Fees apply.
  • a) Members are able to make phone calls in any the common areas throughout the

    Arcade with exception of the Library and Post Office.

  • a) Resident and Gallery members can receive mail and use CrossFunction as your business address.
  • a) Yes, we have on-site parking available. Daily Parking (with front desk validation) is $10.

    Member monthly parking is $130 plus a one-time set-up fee of $15.

  • b) Monthly parking cancellation requires notice by the 15th of the prior month.
  • a) To reserve a private office or shop, a one-month deposit and a setup fee is required. We hold on to the deposit in case of missed payment or any incidents. Deposits are returned within days of cancellation.
  • b) Gallery membership requires only a one-month deposit, there are no setup fees.
  • a) We have a controlled access system making 24/7 access safe and easy for resident members. The CrossFunction Team is here to help you 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday.
  • a) You bet! We do ask that you please register your guests prior to arrival.
  • a) While we love animals, we also care about members who may have allergies. Pets are not allowed inside the building, but photos of them are encouraged!
  • a) Absolutely, it’s your office. We have two member refrigerators for daily storage and our coolers and cabinets are always stocked with an assortment of beverages and snacks for members and their guests.
  • b) For meetings and special events, our team is ready to help with your catering needs.
  • a) ACH (auto withdrawal) and major credit cards are accepted for monthly plans. Wire transfer and check may be used for quarterly and annual payments.
  • a) We bring new members in on the 1st and 15th of each month. Billing for membership dues is on the 1st of every month. If you join on the 15th, your membership dues will be prorated for that month.
  • a) Yes, we’re flexible and prepared to help you scale up or scale down your membership as your business may require. Our membership agreements outline the details.
  • a) Yes, we will offer a select number of Gallery passes for $24 per day.
  • b) Private offices, pending availability, start at $38 per day.
  • a) Yes, we welcome the opportunity to say “hello”, hear your vision, and share ours. Schedule your visit today!

*The content in this document is confidential and the proprietary property of CrossFunction, LLC. No reproduction of any sort, or release of this document, is permissible without prior written consent of CrossFunction, LLC.

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