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Where It All Started

Richard Talaske


The 600 square foot sound marvel was designed by world renowned acoustician, and sound design consultant, Richard  Talaske.
Whether your aim is perfection or amplification, Boulevard Studio is poised to help you lock down your sound.
Available now for recording, mixing, podcasts, webcasts, video and more!

J. Trent Stoner


A visionary leader experienced with big brands, like Bridgestone, big events, and high-volume, multi-unit operations. Born, raised and graduated a Hoosier, Trent moonlights as a husband, dad, and fan of Bird, Jagger and Warren Miller.

Actor at 10, budding rock star at 15, Grant Mitchell is now an accomplished audio engineer whose work spans genres from classical and jazz to hip hop and heavy metal. He has produced hundreds of tracks and helped engineer sessions for legendary recording artists like Bootsy Collins and Vulfpeck’s Woody Goss.
A 2019 graduate of the highly selective Indiana University Jacob’s School of Music, Grant also enjoys time in front of the sound board with his band, Yolkdrop, a punk-inspired indie rock group poised to release their debut album later this year. When he’s not creating, Grant digs long nature walks and hanging with his dog, Pete.

Grant Mitchell

Sound Engineer

Tech & Equipment

Our studio is equipped to get your project off the ground and we have the technical guidance to assist you on every session.






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